Games with Friends

As games become increasingly mainstream and publishers add more and more social features, gaming with friends is getting easier, and better. The problem is however is that you can’t always rest assured that every game that comes out will have great cooperative game modes or multiplayer. You can rarely get a good sense of what a game would be like to play with your mates until you’ve all taken the gamble and bought a copy. Sometimes even games you’d never touch by yourself can be tremendous fun with a group of buddies. The question is, how do you know?

At Xplore Gaming, we strongly believe in social gaming and the aim of the team here will be to hack through the digital jungles of mediocrity and document the hidden gems that make up the best and worst of gaming with friends. Not only that, but we invite you, our readers, to contact us if there is a particular game you want to see on our list. We’ll do our best to oblige and help to build a good list of games that will serve as your encyclopedia of Games with Friends!

Check back often to see what we’ve been playing!

Playing Battlefield 4 with friends


Pros: The game revolves around team-play and team work. There is a role for every kind of player. Very adaptable game play: Destructible environments make maps very replayable

Cons: The game is riddled with bugs. Sometimes getting all your friends on the same team can take time. Server and connection issues are frequent.



Playing Diablo 3 with friends


Pros: Plenty of unique characters to choose from. 4 play online and local. Lengthy game with hours of content and replayability. Apprentice mode allows players of different levels to play together. Random events and enemy spawns.

Cons: Not a huge variety of team-based skills. Can become repetitive.



Playing Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare with friends

Pros: Cartoony, easy going and funny. Doesn’t take itself seriously. Different. Easy to pick up and play. Local coop.

Cons: Limited content. Lack of Towers in the defensive game modes.


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